Premium Fleet

We own the world’s largest premium fleet and purchase more than 200,000 vehicles annually


  • In total, Sixt’s fleet consists of more than 50 % premium brands (premium share of key competitors < 25 %)
  • 71 % of our cars have an integrated GPS system, 29 % have a portable GPS1
  • With our slogan “drive premium pay economy” we want to offer our customers a good value for money but we do not follow a discount strategy
  • Multi-brand strategy: besides major German brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi we offer our customers a wide range of other brands depending on the requirements of the market
  • In 2011 renewal of 5-year sourcing contract over 100,000 vehicles
  • Joint marketing budget of EUR c. 25 m p.a.
  • Long-lasting relationship since 1912
  • Sourcing volume of c. 18,000 vehicles p.a.
  • Global sourcing contract for corporate and franchise countries
  • Sourcing volume of c. 30,000 vehicles p.a.



Manufacturer Marketing

The manufacturer marketing underlines our long-term partnerships with premium auto manufacturers. Especially by promotions in the airport, the brand awareness and premium image of Sixt is constantly taken to a higher level.




Dealership Implant Branches:

The long-term partnership with different premium manufacturers such as BMW allows Sixt, to open implant branches in state of the art car dealerships. This creates huge synergies between the sales and rental operations and boosts the replacement business.